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I looked for locksmith assistance when I locked inside the 2012 Audi Allroad keys at the St Richard’s School !! Emery was truly perfect and quoted a acceptable price. He really makes an effort to help and it undeniably shows up. He brought me an authentic car key that no other locksmith was able to provide. I would recommend North Olmsted Locksmiths for almost any locksmith service around North Olmsted Ohio. Keep it on !!!! - Lorenzo Q. North Olmsted

Emery from North Olmsted Locksmiths came exactly at the appointed time, and I said him "I don't want to fix the lock; pls replace it?" He said "Well, that's a really expensive lock, like $480-680. Are you sure? maybe it can be fixed." I decided to let him try to fix it. He reckoned the lock was just missing a tumbler, and once he took the lock out, we confirmed this was the problem. He took the part from of his case and replaced it. The lock is like new ever since. (Meade Q. North Olmsted )

Emery and Marco from North Olmsted Locksmiths were truly excellent. My mother-in-law and I had a emergency that had to be taken care of that day and Emery and another locksmith were able to show up last minute. They fixed our front door quickly and with ease, gave information on how to maintain the locks. Toward the end of the service, I recalled that we had another difficulty with the study's Kwikset lock and brought it up. They fixed that also, without increasing the quoted price. I absolutely suggest calling Emery for all North Olmsted locksmith service. A name worth keeping !! @ Ruby S., North Olmsted

I had to get new set of keys for my stepbrother's 2012 Volkswagen Caddy, and Emery of North Olmsted Locksmiths showed up exactly on time, worked very discreetly and was very skilled. Would definitely recommend! - Irwin C. North Olmsted